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I'm probably going to pick up the Micro Modular or G1 with Keys. I've been fetishizing this synth ever since I heard Mouse on Mars hype it. Been wanting it for a long time and now I actually have some money.

Personally I listened to some demos of the Micro Modular and to my ears, it sounded like more than a VST. I can't prove it but it sounded a lot more like Virus in that it sounds like a really high quality hardware VA.

And for me, that's what I'd want to pay for. I'm willing to pay for a good VA but it has to sound better than a VST.

After using VCV/Reaktor/MAXMSP the modular editor is kind of limited but it's still very intuitive and in some ways almost more useful. I actually really like that it isn't as packed with endless options forcing you to use what you're given.

I think I'm going to eventually get the G1 if I can find it at a healthy price point. I think it would be a great addition to my setup.

I love Reaktor, MAX, Bitwig Grid, Falcon, VCV. I have so much stuff.

It's just that to me I do think the G1/MicroModular hardware provides additional sound quality and soul, and I think the more focused set of modules makes it more powerful in some ways.