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I know that.

I still haven't really received a satisfactory answer as to why anyone would buy the 1300 Rack version without knobs if it doesn't offer anything beyond some "midi processing" and DSP.

1300 is a lot of money for that.
Look at it as a unique audio generating and processing platform.
You can play the engine like any other synth module. You can assign midi controls to every parameter you see in the editor so it's fully controllable from an external controller.
It's designed for a situation where you use the software to do the programming and use some other (master) keyboard or midi sequencer to input notes and control data.

The benefit is that you get the full G2 engine but you don't get another keyboard/controller to clutter your work space. You can tuck it away in a rack and forget about the box.

Maybe it's just not for you, but for a lot of setups this is a cool bit of kit. I've seen people racking up multiple of these. Try doing that with the keyboard version and you'd run out of studio space very quickly.