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I know that.

I still haven't really received a satisfactory answer as to why anyone would buy the 1300 Rack version without knobs if it doesn't offer anything beyond some "midi processing" and DSP.

1300 is a lot of money for that.
There are two revisions of the Nord Modular.

The XP version is based on the G2.

The G1, released well before,
sounds very different and more like Nord Wave has a different “sound”.

The other thing I’ll add is, yes...the money goes into the control surface, the knobs, the metal. That’s why people pay the difference.

It turns out, that most synthesizer players are not actually very good at programming synthesizers. The UI is very important to them, because they can’t remember lots of things at once, they like to hunt and peck, twist knobs here and there. There’s also the sexiness of real hardware, of course.