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don't even worry/think about it. sounds like you don't need it. at the time they were mind-blowing (still are in some ways), but there's so many other options now.

i do think the G2 demo software sounds a bit less nice than the hardware, but it gets the point across. even the hardware is "just an early VA" sound (and many preferred the grittier sound of the original models). the sound of just patching together the stock modules in the traditional ways was never too exciting, just "ok" (modern analog emulation VSTs blow it out of the water). i was never really impressed with the "sound" of it (as far as analog emulation) until using one of Tim Kleinert's "Juno" patches, which was a huge messy patch using all sorts of tricks to bring life into the sound. i don't think he did that until around 2009, long into the life of the synth.

many of the more interesting patches in general are just a huge mess of modules and hard to makes sense of or modify. it sorely lacked any sort of macro or "packing" ability to make your own "custom" modules/devices (though you could copy/paste from one patch to another). always a page full of modules patched up in the most brilliant ways, but hard to grasp without some next level smarts. the things that some guys could make it do were just unreal, and far beyond the scope of what even Clavia/Nord themselves probably envisioned for it.

i'll post back with more thoughts on it, the real strength of the G2 overall was how flexible it was for audio and MIDI routing. it really is like a "swiss army knife" of synths, and nothing has ever come close to it in that regard.