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First post introduction

Long time reader, first time poster.

I've been recording for many years, on and off. As in I learned to cut and paste with a razor and tape, if that doesn't date me. I am decidedly NOT a professional, though.

After dropping out of music for a few years I got back into recording 15 or 20 years ago when computer interfaces became a thing and I could do it at home. I later spent some spare time recording live performances and doing project work for locals who were just starting out. For a while I was even doing some videos for the youtubes for folks who wanted decent audio on their demos in addition to my shoddy camera work. I enjoyed that while it lasted.

Stopped 8 years ago as I moved into a too small space to do any of this, but now I'm back at it just because I still find it fun. The place is still awful for audio, though.

I also tend to roll my own gear in the analog world. Guitars, amps, effects, mic pres, modded mics... Pure hubris. At one point I thought it interesting to run through a chain where I've made everything between the guitar pickups and the interface. Probably would have better spent that time and money on practicing and guitar lessons, of course.

I finally registered because I might have specific questions as I start to get deeper into it. I'm running into challenges and perspective might be nice.

So this is me, in case anyone clicks my username and wonders.