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studio partners vs solo???

This is for all of you lucky guys with your very own studios. Almost everyone these days starts out with a home studio and these can range from a notebook PC up to an 80 series Neve and a pair of Studer 827s. But the concept of the home studio is common to most of us. But that next step, lets call it a "project studio" gets tricky.

If unlimited funds are available, one could just ring up the local real estate agent and wait until they bring you the perfect location. But for most of us, moving the studio out of the home and into commercial rental space involves some serious compromises. The most serious being the taking on of partners to share the cost of leasing space. The great thing about the home studio scene is that by the time that you are dissatisfied with recording in a spare bedroom, you've got enough gear piled up that you probably don't need parnters to get it together on the gear end. But going from free space to rental space does require creative planning, at least until you get established.

My current problem is that reality is sinking in. After years of talking to various folks about sharing space, I finally found a couple of guys who seemed sane, competent and reasonably normal. But no two people view their "dream" studio the same way. And when you've sunk many tens of thousands of dollars into gear, and hundreds of hours of labor wiring things up, it can be incredibly frustrating when you have to compromise on any issues at all.

So, for those of you who successfully have made it into your own rooms (especially those in crazy urban real estate markets), how did you get to the point where you could throw thousands of dollars towards rent without having to rob banks between sessions?

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