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I'm still kind of new to AA plugins... is it normal behavior for the master output (in this case in the center slot of the plugin) to not attenuate like a master output? Here's what I'm seeing - just for the heck of it, I boosted the input to max, chose a preamp that had plenty of distortion (B and C2 both have it), and was surprised to hear that when I turned down the master output, the "wet" signal was not attenuated. Just the "dry" signal was. So all I could hear was distortion and some kind of a whistling sound. I know these are fringe settings, but... something doesn't seem right.

Also, the "whistling" sound is quite noticeable on preamp D when the input starts to saturate. I'm just testing on a drum bus. Even with the output set to 0.
wet is a control of the compressor section alone, preamp is not following the wet path. Tell me if it answers