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Have you ever mixed ITB and just used your console almost as a summing device by just adding additional processing for the desired channels, but leaving the other channels at unity? Are there any potential drawbacks that I would face by doing it this way?
I'm not quite sure I follow you on the "leaving the other channels at unity" part of your question. Are you referring to unity on the virtual mixer in the DAW, or unity on the analog console? I AM using an analog console (see my comments in my post above) my mind all analog consoles are summing devices (or really vice versa), that's what they do when mixing, they just have a whole lot more features than most summing boxes (faders, aux, busses, EQs). When I mix (on my analog console) I leave the faders at unity. I get a solid gain structure running through the entire system from D/A through the console to the 2 track tape machine so nothing is too hot or too low.

Just because it's a DAW doesn't mean that it's any different than mixing from a 2" tape machine, an ADAT, or a Radar 24 track machine. All the same basic rules apply, it's just that DAWs tend to be more flexible because of the automation and routing flexibility. It's my own personal findings that a mix sounds 'deeper' and 'wider' when a decent to really great analog console is used. Not to mention I find the workflow more efficient (in terms of how I mix on a creative level anyway) when using the DAW and console in conjunction. If your ultimate question is 'will mixing on a console versus mixing ITB box be better?', this is a long ongoing debate among engineers that there is no decisive decision on. It's really up to your ears AND how you like to work. Is full recall more important, or do you find the small inconveniences of using a DAW/Console setup are a sonic improvement? I personally prefer what amounts to a very hybrid method that involves tape, DAWs, some plug ins (just a few), medium footprint analog console, and quite a bit of high quality outboard gear.