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Hi Paul,

Could you tell what you have done about the acoustics in your tracking room and control room to get it right.

Is the space itself already good? Where you just lucky.

Or was there a serious plan to get it the acoustics right in every room.

How is your low end in your control room?

Thanks Menno
Hi Menno,

Well being a Church it was already designed for music and worship so it had a great natural reverb but it was a bout 5 seconds long so I wanted to control it.

It turned out a friend of mine's friend was Andy Munro the acoustician who volunteered to to help with the acoustics as he only lived half an hour away.
The builders I had been using were brilliant and between them they did an amazing job. We recycled a lot of used studio windows and doors and put in lots of treatment that I had bought on ebay. Once the treatment had been recovered it looked great. We also used cedar roof shingles on the walls to break up the flat surface, that looks great.

I think there is a certain amount of luck involved coupled with common sense, at which point it starts to sound really good.

The control room sounds amazing, it's not too live and it's not too dead and it has a great feel to the place.

I'm very proud of what we achieved and most people that visit are blown away by the space and the gear.

Cheers Paul.
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