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I didn't even think about it but that makes sense. Maybe in my mind an amp would add some colour to my sound, by you might be right I'll give it a try.

Do you mean something like an avalon U5 or Red DI for example ? Or only bass preamps in pedal format ?
Yes, an amp will add some color to your sound - if it has a speaker. The speaker is part of the sound of the amp.

There is one box I can think of that will probably do exactly what you want - the Tonecraft tube DI. Order direct.

It's more or less the front end of an Ampeg Portaflex B-15N, optimized for DI, with a lot of extra features. It also kicks ass on anything else on the market, as it should - it costs $1,500. It's also hand built with point to point wiring. It has two interdependently transformer isolated XLR outputs with individual ground lift switches, plus a high impedance 1/4" output that, unlike the parallel output in other DIs is tube buffered. Cinemag transformers. Input volume and output level controls. Frequency response is 5Hz to 75KHz.

Second best is the A-Designs KGB-1, which is solid state. It's about $750.

Both of these have a true Baxandall EQ section. The KGB has an added midrange band, but that's not all that necessary if you know how to work a Baxandall - you can boost mids simply by turning down bass and treble - which doesn't work well with with standard Fender/Marshall style tone controls, which interact.

I would not go for the Avalon. The EQ on that is limited to a small handful of presets - no real controls at all.

You will not hear much, if anything, about the Tonecraft from others around here, and for a very good reason - as far as I can tell they don't advertise and are not available in the big music stores.

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