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Old 21st February 2020
Gear Head

Good bass head without cabinet


I'm looking for a new bass head. But I have one important constraint, I'm not playing with a cabinet, we like to have our stage sound as low as possible.
I'm currently using a MusicMan Sub Bass and an Eden Terra Nova 501, sounds decent but I it's time to go a step higher.

My first intuition goes for Ampeg but I know there's a lot of other great brands, that's why I need some recommandations !

I tried a Markbass little Mark Tube 800, I liked the preamp tube, so I'll definitely go for an hybrid head.

I'm not a bass hero, I'm not really into the bass solo thing. I only kind of "carry" the song, so I don't want something that will make me sound like Victor Wooten.

Here's a bass sound and player that is amazing to me :

(Actually any performance of Pino Palladino with John Mayer ^^)

About the budget, I can spend 1500 euros, not more.

Well I hope you have any information to help me !