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MPC4K Hardcore user here....

Bought mine New in 2002

I Still use it,still going strong,never let me down,other than a few locks ups due to bugs,but those are very rare,it still boots up and works flawlessly,everyday I had to replace a few Hard drives over the years and recently bought a new pair of RAM sticks as mine had given up the ghost,but rocksolid reliable it is

It's the only piece of gear in my studio i've had from new that has never been sold on,I recently looked at the MPC X but felt there was nothing I was really benefitting from and also didn't want to rely on the Touchscreen for things,plus I felt after demoing one in person it seemed a little flimsy compared to the 4K which is an absolute tank,didnt like that squidgy arm rest on the X,felt cheap.I dont see the MPC X as an upgrade more of a side step,plus I'm waiting to see how far Akai go with the Software updates before I jump to an X but will still keep the 4K if I do but still got a lot of mileage in the 4000 yet.

The only machine that really rivals the 4K in terms of features is the Roland MV8800 I have one of those as well but rarely use it so much these days I just prefer the MPC way of doing things,both unique and excellent in their own ways.sampler in the MV is easier to use and autochop is instant,where as the MPC takes time to achieve the same results,but I tend to to most of my sampling in software and then dump the samples to the 4k Just because its more convenient anyway,but both machines are great,as someones already mentioned in a thread above,(I use Recycle from Propellerheads) which allows you to chop up samples and import them as Akai program format.

I know my way around the 4k with my eyes closed,I stopped using Hard drives though when the last one died about 4 years ago as its far easier to use the front USB port with a thumb drive,makes getting samples in and out a breeze,and also no drive to die on me,did think about upgrading to an SSD but USB thumb drives are far more convenient and easier,never really used the aksys software as I know the workings of the MPC4K really well so can get around easily without the aid of aksys.

Its one of those pieces of gear that if you get on with it,makes you feel warm and fluffy inside,think it was way ahead of its time,becoming something of a collecters piece,To me the sample engine really cracks using drum sounds,has a certain sound to it,some great modulation options under the hood,secondhandprices have rocketed of late,I think more people are finally realising what a beast it is.