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I've been considering an MPC X lately.

Should I be looking at a 4000, instead?

What's up...
The 4k is just generally nice, if you are willing to learn The MPC Way. The sequencer is solid and high resolution, and the sampler sounds good—though I wouldn’t say it colors the sound much, which is what some users want in an MPC.

The machine is totally set up to run MIDI in and out on multiple channels, through multiple jacks—the idea is that it can be the boss of your setup (if you don’t mind the tiny screen and the complete lack of VSTs).

You should be prepared to get under the hood with an old MPC—be able to install the 8 output board, or replace the sensors, or add Corx under the pads if you want more sensitivity. These basic mods don’t require soldering, and you can chase down the info, but you still have to patiently take the machine apart to get at what you’re fixing. The fan is godawful loud (at least mine is), and people replace that sometimes too.

Downsides: (1) It’s big and heavy; (2) the Aksys software for setting up folders and such was written at the time of Windows XP, so you need to know if your OS has an emulator mode or other workaround; (3) the song mode is very simple, and takes over the machine when it’s running—but at least there is a song mode, and you can save the songs. It’s good enough.

MPCStuff is there to sell you parts. I like the old school MPC users—they tend to love music more than gear—and the MPC Forums can be a good source of information, if Youtube and the Akai documentation fail you. The machine still has some support.

I haven’t used an X and am still learning the Live, so not sure what all the pros and cons are there—except that the 4k can simultaneously play several different sounds triggered by MIDI from several different channels, which the Live/X apparently can’t.

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