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Thanks for the info
Well my issue is in Samplitude I'm not sure why I can't make it work
The goal is to have a 2 track stereo source
and be able to process it in Mid, Sides or stereo
with external gear
and back to Samplitude to print the result
The goal is to replace a mastering box that includes these steps but cost a lot of money for IMO not much benefit (1 more piece in the chain is never good if you don't need it)

Any idea or template in Samplitude / Sequoia ?
That should be pretty simple.

As I've said, you have two choices, the latter one with MSED is easier and quickest to operate.

You have a project (VIP) with source track which will routed to DA (pull-down menu at bottom of mixer strip).
Then you have record, capture track with selected respective input from AD (again pull down menu at top of mixer strip).
So far this is working for normal L/R recording through analog chain.

Then you add two instances of MSED. First at source track to last FX insert and set its mode to Encode.
The second instance will be at your recording track, this time in Decode mode.

You should immediately hear during playback and monitoring through recording track. If you bypass both instances, you're back in stereo mode, so you can easily switch between M/S and L/R processing.
Encoder in MSED has correct 6 dB of attenuation and you won't overload D/A even when fed with audio modulated to 0 dBFS.

Now there's one catch. This works well, when you monitoring through decode effect, but audio is recorded M/S encoded. So effect is not "printed".
That's one aspect of Samplitude, it was never possible to record with applied effects, nor there was any sensible way, how to record internal bus or track output in real-time to other track.

You have few options then.
- It doesn't necessarily matter to you, that you recorded M/S encoded file from your outboard. You can hear correct decoded version, can apply any possible subsequent plugins to record track (say limiter, another EQ.. whatever). And the if you export the audio or generate final CD file, it will be right.

- You can do intermediate offline (faster than real-time) bounce or track/object freeze with applied M/S decoder.
I can expand on that, if you want. Choice for that depends bit on structure of your project.

- If you really want to record processed audio with printed effects in real-time, then you have to apply workaround with loopback.
I have RME interfaces, so it's very easy to enable loopback in TotalMix thare and record any output coming from DAW back to another track. So in essence there is additional processing track in DAW, which isn't recorded, just passing audio through its plugins, then its output is routed to TotalMix and looped back for recording in another track. Of course you can do that as well with other interfaces, which supports similar virtual loopback (say with UAD Apollo) or if you're willing to use some free digital input and output and make physical connection.