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Personally I have always called that learning modes and their corresponding chords: Ionian (I), Dorian (II). Phrygian (III)...
It is incredibly useful obviously. I'd still play like a beginner had I never learnt that. It was years ago and it took me a couple of month to assimilate.
My goal at the time was to improvise jazz, then I realize that improvizing in jazz would take a lot more than learning modes. It took me years to be decent at jazz playing.

Someone, once taught me the Nasville hand sign system. It is super useful when you play a tune with someone who had never played it before and they want to show you the upcoming chords or the chord sequence without speaking and using one hand. In addition to the obvious I, II, III...hand signs, one finger downward is VI and two fingers downward is VII. Then you get your 7 relative chords. For exemple, someone can sign I VI II V and you immediately can follow the tune.