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Hey Paul,

Can you make us a shopping list - a high end vocal mic or two (maybe a tube mic), a pair of ribbons, a pair of small diaphragm condenser mics, and a few dynamic mics. Can you tell us what you always reach for first in tracking: drums, pianos, vocals.


Well I like the Horch Rm2j and the Bock 251 which would cover U47 and C12. Or the real things if you can find good examples.

The AEA ribbons are great, so a pair of those what ever you want to spend or a pair of Coles 4038.

A pair of Neumann KM84.

SM57’s, Beyer M88, SM 7, MXL A55 Kicker, Sennheiser 441 & 421. EV RE20 and a kit for drums.

The first mic for drums is the SM69 tube as an overhead.

Same for piano and acoustic guitar. It always works.

For male vocals it is normally either the Horch or Voxorama for the 47 vibe or a C12 or Bock 251 for females. For hip hop or R&B it’s the Sony C800 or a Chandler REDD. All these get a ribbon as a second mic to add body and saturation.