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Old 19th February 2020
Gear Head

I’m still waiting to pick this board up, because it’s about a 400 mile trip- in the meantime, the gears won’t stop turning. I’m really, really excited about all this. I guess it’s not so much about doing it all at once, as it is having a plan that covers how I’d like to be using this board over the next decade or so... I’d hate to make a choice now that screws me up down the line.

Realistically, I’m located fairly close to Creation Labs, so I think I’ll end taking the whole rig to them, both the 800B and 1600 consoles, so we can see what sort of condition everything is in, check wiring, etc... I’m hoping I can speak with them about the process of refurbing recapping, and selecting op amps- but I really hope to be able to handle a bunch of the individual channels myself. Would love to send some to Jim also. The board isn’t going to make me a ton of money. I’ve been lucky to record in some really great places, I’m definitely inspired and hope to do the best with what I have. I’d love to have it all ready at once, but will likely be working on a lot of these myself.

Brian- do you have any schematics or anything for what you ended up doing for your 400?

One thing I’ve been stewing on- is there any practical reason to add transformers to the channel mic or line inputs? Or the channel outputs? Would this somehow be an improvement and add color on individual or subgroup channels? I know it won’t magically sound like a Neve- and the circuit doesn’t really call for transformers. I believe I’d be limited to 1:1 ratio transformers, which likely wouldn’t saturate much anyhow. Is this something I should even be considering, or am I basically just romanticizing the sonic impact of the transformers? There’s no long cable runs or interference to deal with.

At the same time- I really do like the idea of being able to have transformers attached to a toggle on the master buss. Being able to access color if I want it, and make the most of analog summing, would be huge- and something approximating the Colour cards that exist might be cool- any ideas what to do here? Do I want to modify the master buss, the summing circuit?

Sorry to ramble, just excited and unsure what to do. Thanks for any insight!