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Old 18th February 2020
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If the converters are the same grade as their 88192, I’d grab it. I use one of those (88192) for some outboard coming back into my DAW at 48k and it’s great (It’s got a very good clock too). These were used mostly in Broadcast/Post, not too many Pro Audio people got into these, which is why there’s very little info on them on this site.
Thanks for your Reply. Never tried the 88192 but I am sure that is still a sweet sounding converter...

I found the A/D 9624 very clean and smooth-sounding. Is perfect for my small studio setup where I only mic 1- 2 sources at a time.

I spent recently one weekend recording some hip hop style vocals and some voice overs with my Affinity 2 + the A/D 9624 and I really enjoyed it. Nothing fancy but effective and it performed very well.

Based on the good results that I've got with the A/D 9624 I just ordered one of those D/A 9624. It's kinda I have nothing to loose I think.

If the D/A is kind of A/D sounding I think It's a bargain.Note that we are talking about a 20 year old converter...

Is Awesome