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Randomizing individual mutators, oscillators, filters, envelopes, etc., works great. But what if you want to randomize several modules or parameters simultaneously while leaving certain others untouched? For example, if I randomize an entire patch at once, I always would prefer to avoid randomizing the oscillator pitch key tracking -- just leave it at 100% -- but I do want to randomize the oscillator waveforms and modes. I also might want to avoid randomizing the noise level, so those are two parameters I would like to exclude from randomization, generally speaking. Certainly I could add in many more. And going through all of the modules individually instead of two fast presses of the random button is a little time consuming to randomize everything else. So I completely get what Drac is asking for here. It's been on my personal wish list as well, but it's at the very bottom of my list.

I can't see any good way of implementing something like this in the keyboard itself without adding tons of extra things to the system setup screens, unless someone can create and program multiple matrices to include/exclude modules and parameters, or to limit the value ranges of other modules parameters, and we could then select a matrix we want from system setup. But I can see this being done in a software editor much more easily, with or without matrices, so I hope someone creates an editor some day. Having a little more control of the randomization would potentially create more traditionally playable patches.

As it stands now, the randomization is fantastic for strange and wonderful sound effects, and sometimes those are super loud, but I have yet to get anything "playable" by randomizing an entire patch. Still fun to do now and then though.

Edit: I just was having a play with randomizing entire patches, and I noticed that amp level is never randomized. It will stay at whatever level you had it at before randomizing. That's interesting.
You wouldn’t (nor your monitors or cat), want the amp level randomized unless you like possibly seeing woofers/tweeters blown or worse, your ears.

Makes sense.

I get plenty of ambient patches from randomized parameters but I do odd very well. What I’ve done going back to older Waldorf synths I’ve owned, I further tweak an interesting randomization creation and more often than not, utilize the random functionality to create a new starting point I likely wouldn’t have thought that way otherwise.
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Also, be it perhaps cliche, but the hydrasynth Printed user manual is incredibly well-written and it’s only 20 or so pages in it goes into how to tweak randomization as it operates *right now*, out of the cardboard box packed with love and stickers.

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