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Old 16th February 2020
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If you haven’t read this here’s some good info directly from SC:

I favor Soundcraft desks because they’re so ripe for mods. I have a 400b I’m almost done with and a 500 that’s waiting to be gone through. I can’t comment much on the 800b/1600. I do know they’ll need a recap and get the tl071’s out if they’re stacked full of them. Go for low noise upgrades. Your gonna have to build a new power supply. I built mine using power one modules. Creation Labs builds them also. I spoke with Skip about having one built but opted to build my own. I also built a custom desk on casters to roll min around on. It also has racks for outboard.

Idk what your end goal is but unless you have the capital to do it all at once it takes a while to complete one a little at a time. Have the Master done first. Send that to Jim. He direct couples them and it will be as transparent as it can be. Then you can hear what’s happening as you go through modules. If you can learn to do the work yourself you can save mucho money and the skies the limit. My 400b input modules have had every resistor, cap, mic transistor pair, and op amp swapped and the necessary supporting circuitry added. The only mod left to do is the transamp mod. Doubtful I go to the trouble on the 400b. The 500 will get all the mods from day one.

These are great desks and people frown upon them. The 400b still has its own thing going despite the mods. I only realized this when I heard a vocal track that was tracked elsewhere and then laid on top of a mix I did with the 400b. I could tell it didn’t go through the 400b. Very subtle but I could tell. Could be because of the outboard on the mix bus as well.

Anyway, you’ll have your own signature sound. That can’t be duplicated.

And it doesn’t stop with consoles. All my outboard gets modded also.