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Yes I do agree with you about the patch memory heresy on the SE02,128 presets that you can't overwrite is a shame when you just have 128 presets you can overwrite.
Btw,I don't own the K-25 keyboard for the SE02,I use my main big midi keyboad.
Sure it's not the perfect synth,but it's "just" a $450 synth.For me it's awesome for this price,way better than a Boog,a lot more sound possibilities.

The AS-1 is not perfect too,it has very little knobs on its layout.Personnally I would prefer to see more knobs but no capacitive keyboard .
It's damn a shame you can't automate the slider,it's a shme you can't select like on the SE02 if you want the modwheel works with the LFO or with,let's say the filter.
This As-1 would need a good firmware update to improve its knobs' features.
What the AS-1 needs are a couple of freely assignable knobs like the Mopho module has. It would also be nice when you're clocking it externally if you could change patches and rely on it keeping sync like the Mopho does

I'm not a great fan of the capacitive keyboard either - the keys sort of make me feel like I'm poking the tops of little chocolate souffl├ęs - but at least when I need to use it I look at it and have a clue what note I'm going to hit whereas the SE-02 set-up is like the Monotribe and the Volca ones, just too small to be feasible for live performing.

Also on my wishlist for an AS-1 firmware update would be able to assign a negative value to the pitchbend, which you can do in the Mopho, and a lot wider choice of things you can assign the slider to.

Can't help on the Boogs etc., they didn't have them in the stores I was in last month. For me, no presets, yeah, no, life's too short.