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Old 16th February 2020
Here for the gear

Received my Hydrasynth KB two days ago. It's awesome, really REALLY good! Better than I thought it would be. However, I'm going to post a few small grumbles for a couple of reasons.

1) In case anyone from ASM ever reads this by any miracle of a random chance.
2) In case I'm being really dumb and haven't found the answer myself yet! If that's the case then please, educate me.

Volume output.

On most of the presets, it's pretty damm quiet. I have to hit AMP and turn them up a bit. Yes, my master volume is up full. Yes, my audio interface (Focusrite Clarett 4Pre) is set to 0dB on the line inputs. Yes, I've done the INIT patch test... set all OSC to full, AMP to full, master volume to full and it's outputting at -6dB which is perfectly normal..... it's just most of the preset patches are quiet.... not unsolvable, but irritating to hit AMP and turn it up on each patch.

I can't find a master output setting in the menus, y'know, to turn up everything a notch or two, a global setting? Maybe that's one of my feature requests for a future firmware update? Maybe with a -6dB limiter in tandem so it can't get distorted by accident‽ :-)

Bass/lower notes

Again, on most presets... the lower notes are really quiet, really really quiet. Why is that? Let's take A-006 Doppler Bass for one example, AMP is set to 40.9, it could go to 128 of course, that might be a tad excessive but I feel that 40.9 is silly quiet!

Also, on a pad patch, take A-048 BPM Ramp Pad for example. Play C1, hit it hard, ok it's there, but then play a chord from C3 up maybe... the C1 note gets pretty much drowned out. AMP is 52.8, so turn it up a bit to 80 or 90 say... nope, the lower notes still get drowned out so you can hardly hear them. It's there but... the power just isn't there. Any idea? Another firmware update request maybe? Warm mode helps a little, but not much.

Am I right or have I got it totally wrong do you think? I'd really appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks all, be gentle..... first post here ;-)