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Old 16th February 2020
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Using PB input switched connections to split

I would like to mult balanced signals to a monitor controller and separate VU meter on a patchbay that I am working on.

I can only work with what's been made available at the rear EDAC by the person who set up the PB, which is the non-switching signal pair and ground for the top patch points (outputs), and the switching signal pair, and non-switching signal pair and ground for the bottom points (inputs).

I thought to connect the non-switching signal pair of the monitor controller inputs to the switching signal pair of the VU meter inputs. That way whatever is normalled or patched to the monitor controller will by default mult to the VU meters, but with the option of patching an independent input into the meters. As if the monitor controller input was half-normalled to the VU meter input.

Have I missed any problems with this setup? Is there a better way to do it?