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While you're hunting around for a new console, you can improve the performance of the Mackie quite dramatically by doing this:
That's a GREAT idea! I tried to do something like this, (Connecting the
Great River as insert on the master bus without really returning it, then sending it to the DAW) but your way is much better, not to mention saves
me the trouble/money of finding a way to attenuate the signal...

Anyway I don't think I'll stick with the Mackie for long...

You're all correct about not rushing in but the trouble is my studio has to
go into mixing of some albums in a month or so and I don't want to delay
anything any further... (and not mix on the mackie either)

Today I'm going to check out the D&R. It has a patch bay on it.
I hope I will be able to play around with it. The guy says its good as new...
I really hope it is. anyway he wants 10k($) for it. is that reasonable?

Anyone can comment further on the Orion's/D&R's color/lack of color?
Or in a way, the general vibe of this unit? How does it feel?
I know it sounds kind of abstract, but if you know what I mean... well
you got the point