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I quite agree with your summary of Reaper's advantages !

Are you using the X Touch One as the master fader and the 3 x Extenders as the main channels ? While not a cheap combo, it probably gives the closest you'll get to a dedicated 1 channel per fader control surface (without resorting to banking) ?

How does such a setup cope with track groups, bussing and folders...does it behave predictably and without trouble ? In other words, are you able to expand and collapse track folders and have the faders respond to these various view-type changes...or do you run your combo on a strictly 1:1 fader/channel correlation ?
Yes, the X-Touch One unit's Reaper lexan overlay labels the Master button 'Master Level,' which I leave engaged so the single fader is always controlling the Master Bus Fader (and of course for my transport controls).

I don't intend to ever use Track Folders as I'm tied to a more traditional analog console type workflow, but I suspect it would work just fine. Because busses in Reaper are simply more tracks with faders (as are VCAs, and every other type of track), each bus becomes a track on the MCU as normal.

So I suppose I do the 1:1 fader/channel thing, but I run 48 channels with all my effects busses, etc. I also designate 3 tracks at the right edge of the mix for reference mixes that leave Reaper through a separate bus so I can monitor them each with a touch of the solo button without them going through my 2-bus chain on the master channel. These stay muted until I hit their solo button on the X-Touch extenders.

The only thing I'd like to improve is right now, the bank switch on the X-Touch One banks 8-channels at a time. However, having 24 channels, I'd like a single press of the bank button to move everything to tracks 25-48, rather than only 8 channels at a time. I'm sure there is some way to do this...

The Behringer X-Touch products have really impressed me; great build quality, big, smooth and generously spaced faders, meters work perfectly and buttons/pans seem durable. And, I prefer the X-Touch One as a master transport to the more elaborate X-Touch Universal, as it has too many buttons for my taste. The 'One' has all your automation mode toggles, and if I want to set track automation, I just turn off the aforementioned 'Master Level' button, and now can bank/channel switch the X-Touch One to a given selected track to automate. So I can set say a lead vocal for 'Touch' mode using the One, and ride the fader on the bigger unit or the One. Really versatile, and I was kind of surprised the X-Touch One worked so well with the Extenders. All other software I've used (Logic, Pro Tools, Harrison) kept viewing the X-Touch One as a 9-fader unit like the Universal and seemed to confuse the MCU software. Reaper works perfectly with minimal fuss. here in Canada sells the Extenders for about $400 each, so for $1200 CAD plus the cost of an X-Touch One, I've got a system that works as well as any I've used. Compare that to $6.5k for a 16-fader Avid S3, or the same $1200 for only 16-channels on the Presonus Faderport 16, and one begins to wonder why everyone needing motorized faders isn't doing similarly... on controllers at any rate, Behringer has stepped up its game of late.

I'm on a Mac, by the way (OSX Mojave).

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