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And among the biggest reasons I'm loving it: it is far and away the best DAW I've ever used with MCU controllers. I'm running an X-Touch One plus three X-touch 8-channel extenders for a 25 fader setup and I've never experienced this kind of response/stability.

An absolutely amazing DAW!
I quite agree with your summary of Reaper's advantages !

Are you using the X Touch One as the master fader and the 3 x Extenders as the main channels ? While not a cheap combo, it probably gives the closest you'll get to a dedicated 1 channel per fader control surface (without resorting to banking) ?

How does such a setup cope with track groups, bussing and folders...does it behave predictably and without trouble ? In other words, are you able to expand and collapse track folders and have the faders respond to these various view-type changes...or do you run your combo on a strictly 1:1 fader/channel correlation ?