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I had both but sold my SE-02. They are completely different. I thought the SE-02 was my dream synth until it showed up. The XMOD section doesn't do any slow modulation, including PWM! The sequencer parameter locks hold the value until the next lock. I did love the sound. Very wild and open. I found that it was best at very frontal lead sounds. And of course basses, but I get better reactions to my AS-1 bass sounds.
You know you can make slow PWM modulations with the SE02?
you must set the Osc3 at the same octave or one octave higher,slightly detuned to the OSC1 and OSC2.
I like the sound of the PWM when it's fast too,you gat unusual sounds that I find interesting.

I also tried to connect the SE02's headphones output to the SE02's audio input,and it sounds very sweet,the filter gets even more saturated.You can set the saturation by setting the oscillators levels and the audio output in the hidden menu.
If you set everything clockwise and you add a bit of Feedback,the SE02 becomes badass,lovely!The you don't need any distortion pedal!