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I’ve always wanted to know who did the string arrangements and the overall arrangements on Charango’s “Undress Me Now”?
You have a succinct way of balancing your arrangements across your works. What’s your approach to arranging? You do it so well.

Many thanks!
Thank you!
I like to work with heroes and Nick Ingman was a Sound Library star that gets sampled, a bit like when I worked with Janko Nilovic. It’s inspiring just to be in the same room.
We used a 45 piece orchestra on Charango and it was so exciting! I always used to edit them into more simple arrangements though and adjust the timing to make it more laid back. They tend to over egg it if you’re not careful. Then the rest of it is cool beats and bass lines with Ross playing some cool licks. The final touch is normally some cool keyboard playing like Rhodes or Synth drones that might go through a Leslie cabinet.