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I just downloaded Reaper and have spent the last three days learning it inside and out, setting up my mix/track template. It is bloody incredible. I wish I'd moved over to the Reap years ago, and here's why:

- Love the GUI
- incredibly snappy response
- crash-proof (it would appear)
- customization is superb
- very logically setup
- beautiful summing (yes, I think it sounds better than Logic; sounds about the same as Pro Tools and Metric Halo's MIO Console's summing, both of which sound better than Logic based on some pretty elaborate tests I've conducted. Let's not get into it though. )
- price (just bought it)
- the ability to tweak the metering ballistics quite deeply
- easy on the eyes default theme (love the new track resizing layout options)
- master fader can be anchored to left or right of mixer; brilliant
- the community of savvy users
- Performance Meter with per-track info
- incredible routing; the Routing Matrix is god-sent
-Kenny Gioia's wonderfully helpful Reaper youtube channel
- And among the biggest reasons I'm loving it: it is far and away the best DAW I've ever used with MCU controllers. I'm running an X-Touch One plus three X-touch 8-channel extenders for a 25 fader setup and I've never experienced this kind of response/stability.

An absolutely amazing DAW!

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