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@ Hollowman9 : wait a sec, i don't quite understand the original problem with the Dreadbox pedal ... you say it outputs only wet? and you can't get any dry into the signal? hmmm, that sounds like a broken pedal to me.

i mean, it is a bbd chorus/flanger pedal and this effect is achieved only by mixing the dry signal with the wet (modulated short bbd delay) output. chorus effect as such does not exist as "wet only". then you hear vibrato only.

so not suprisingly, traditionally most bbd chorus and flanger pedals have had fixed dry wet ratio. (well, in fact same with phasers too). aprox seven gazillion of them in past five 40+ yrs: from Boss CE-1/2/3, Dod fx60/65, Ibanez CS, Dim C, EHX Small Clone & Clone Theory, Mistress, MXR Mini Chorus .. and on and on. there are two less frequent exceptions to this:

+pedals that offer switch for kill dry: you no longer have a chorus effect, hence usually designated a "vibrato" mode.

+chorus pedals that have "effect level" control: on min its dry only. on max you have 50/50 i.e. the strongest viable "chorus" setting.

in pedal world, most flangers and choruses (and phasers) are meant to be used as insert effects. ones that allow for wet only so you can use them on aux bus are but a few, and its more common option with studio and rack gear: for example my mxr126 can go wet only or dry only. ditto for digital gear.

so the problem you have with the Komeorabi does not compute with the above. unless its broken.

anways, for me, its too early in 2020,... did miss two incredible deals on ebay, gear i am searching for forever. banging my head over this. so far, this is the "worst" thing that happened gear wise. but i am getting ready to buy some new gear soon..

so who knows, if i seriously fvck up, i'll make sure to post back here