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Haha- yeah of course I read it! I just wanted to ask for clarification to be sure - this whole process has been daunting so bear with me
the thread Jens linked was about angling panels just for the sake of angling them, not so much about treating a sloped ceiling. Seemed circumstances were different enough that I should ask
Hey thanks for answering I need to get the rest of the dang room treatment situated so I can be confident the room I’m measuring is representative of the room I’ll be using. Hopefully with this long weekend I can make some actual measurements
I completely understand. I've been there myself.

I think some of these pros probably forgot how daunting acoustics can be. And what may seem like obvious "common sense" isn't always so simple and straightforward, or obvious, in the acoustic world. Some of the principles that they now deem simple and obvious, to the yous and mes are head-benders, and takes a while wrapping our heads around. I struggled for a lot longer than I thought I should (or am comfortable admitting) when it comes to certain principles in acoustics and treatment lol.

But, don't let it defeat you; you'll get there.