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wow! Back in high school i wrote a crappy sci-fi short story about hackers that hacked into ubiquitous industrial nanotechnology and sent the nanobots off on a molecular level ravenous rampage. The nanobots were fairly generic units with some basic safety protocols. One of which was deactivate upon going below sea level. I guess to prevent them from contaminating the water supply or tunneling into the planet's core and reproducing geometrically while feeding off the energy of the earth until it ran out. So anyway the survivors of the nano-apocalypse were people trapped underground at the time the nanobots came and deconstructed everything around them and turned it to sand. These were people riding the subways, digging tunnels for public water projects, people in basements etc.
There was a horrific outbreak of cannibalism within the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel where hundreds of survivors ran out of road trip snacks and resorted to snacking on each other with no hope of rescue coming.
Eventually the survivors discovered a particular frequency of high voltage electrical arc discharges could kill the nanobots and started trying to reclaim the sandy desert of what remained of the surface of the planet. Then they came into conflict with what remained of the military who'd also figured out the bot killing mechanism. In the end end a survivor who was a hacker reprogrammed the nanobots to build forests and they turned the entire continent into one unbroken virgin forest from coast to coast. The end. That was from 1988. It was set to take place in 2021.

Hehehe! We don't even have nanobots yet! Instead we got facebook

And sadly we also got an expensive bbd modulation pedal with no wet/dry mix control. Wtf? It's 2020! Fine i can accept no nanobots but how do you leave out a mix control on a modulation effects pedal in this day and age????

Dreadbox komoreebi is the worst purchase of 2020 so far. Shame. It sounded good but without being able to add some dry signal back in it was just overpowering and muffled sounding. Back it goes!
And the patch points were frankly useless. Modulating the parameters of a bbd with a sequencer or whatever is so pointless. They should have put in a mix control instead of useless patch points.

When the nanobots hit next year i won't be sending them details about the nanobot death machine.
best post ever!!!

you sir are my NEW official GS hero!!!