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Hello Everyone

Im looking for other people would be interested in making an internet collective of sorts. Im less trying to achieve a specific goal and more trying to find people who like to create the same kind of music that I do and make music with them. I personally want to create music that sounds similar to Gorillaz and Superorganism, or any kind of really creative and fun cross-genre influenced music. If you like these bands and wana try to send each other files and make songs together respond below. I do producing, mixing, keyboards, and singing mainly. Anyone and everyone is welcome and everyone who responds can join. songwriters, producers, guitarists, vocalists, basket weavers, anyone and everyone is welcome.

here is a demo of a song im trying to make because alot of the other posts had people wanting to see op's work. This is the fifth iteration, but I probably wont keep alot of the stuff because I dont like alot of it.
seems to be a bad link !! please repost good link !! curious to hear your music !!! thx and welcome to GS !!!

cheers john