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Old 13th February 2020
Here for the gear

Newbie - Hi; and help choosing recording gear, please!

First, hello. I make podcasts - or at least I will be soon - and I'm looking for advice.

Should I (1.) buy an interface and record into my computer (a Chromebook, which doesn't leave me many DAW options); or (2) buy an external recorder (my preferred choice at this point) to record to an SD card?

If (2.) should I buy a field recorder, a Zoom or a Tascam for example, or could I get more for my money from an older digital multi-track, tabletop device?

I' mostly be recording on my own, to a Shure SM58, and mostly indoors, but sometimes I'll be conducting interviews, too.

I am more interested in sound quality than bells and whistles. And do not think new is necessarily better.

Thanks in advance!