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Here for the gear

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Can you sit in front of the windows?

Please also don't build anything before you've measured your room.

Keep in mind effective acoustic treatment is deep so you'll lose space in the room. Maybe even a lot.
Hi Johann,

Actually I did more research and realized treating the living room with such an uncommon shape would be expensive and difficult, so I decided to use the bedroom (Floor plan attached) instead, although our bedroom is small with all the furniture inside.

but I haven't been able to find the answer to some of my questions and will appreciate it if you can help me.

1- I'm still not sure how many absorbers and bass traps I need and how thick they should be. I am thinking about 8" Bass traps with 8" to 10" air gap and 6" to 8" absorbers with 0.5" to 1" air gap for side and rear walls (Although most people use 4" thick panels, but I am worried about low-end absorption with those panels since they are not thick enough to absorb anything below 100HZ)
On the other hand, I know that getting thicker panels means more absorption which means it goes below 100HZ, but I don't know if these thick panels will be suitable given my environment.

2- I haven't bought a desk for the bedroom yet, but I thought the best place for it would be by the window to let some low end get out naturally. Is it a good idea?
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