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Also all my brand new 88's sounded a bit different, one quite dull, one quite pokey in the mids. They all had different sensitivities.

Back to the SPL damage... I'm now thinking I might have been OK using the little foam windshield... dang...

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if you do a search, you will find a surprisingly large number of people "blowing up" their M88s in the kick drum. From what I have read, it has something to do not with the 'blast' from the transient, which the mic should certainly be able to handle, but from a weird specific vulnerability to the backrush of air returning into the hole after the initial attack.

Depending on one's positioning habits, I would imagine this would cause some people to be constantly blowing up their M88s, and other people never blowing them up. Because you will see people saying they never have a problem. But IMO, there are too many reports of destruction to disregard. I certainly doubt if the manufacturing quality varies that widely from mic to mic, so it must be differences in how people use it or don't use it.

At any rate, I would say forewarned is forearmed.

I have the ATM25 and I usually prefer it to several other more expensive kick mics at my disposal. IMO, it's a great mic. It is discontinued and they now make the ATM 250, which I have never tried. Of course as soon as any mic is discontinued and replaced by a new model or version, the odds of the new one being "better" are vanishingly small.