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Originally Posted by azulay View Post
Just bringing up the faders and setting the pan pots, gave me an image
bigger, wider and more three-dimensional than I ever recall hearing in my
studio. Even Mackie's really, really low-end EQ sounded more "true" than
the most sophisticated digital (analog-modeled) plug-in. And I pretty much
have them all.
I have been saying this for years and everyone thinks I am nuts. I would rather mix on a Mackie than in the Box and I have done enough records mixing on Mackies to prove that I am not just saying it to get a rise out of people. I have Mackie Mixed tracks that sit next to my SSL mixed tracks on demo reels.

A D&R OrionX would be a great choice. I have a D&R series 4000 and there is a good chance my next console will be an OrionX. The D&R EQ is plenty musical and the sound is clean but not sterile. When I mix records its often about 80% console EQ, 5% plug ins and 15% outboard EQ with mojo.

A D&R will be a much better console than a Mackie. Much more open sounding and will expose a lot more detail than the Mackie. The D&R pres are very usable. Not as good as the cool outboard pres that you have but very usable for the lesser important tracks.