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Problem is, most Pyramix users are shouting that they have no bugs, so how can we trust Reaper users ?
Reaper users do a lot of shouting too, but remember that unlike Pyramix it's not claiming to be a specialized classical's a generalist DAW program which aims to be all things to all users (including video as well !)

Clearly Reaper can't hope to please all of the people all of the time, but it is responsive to bug repairs and implementing new functionality....but some things (like source/destination) have never risen to the level of developer priority, so individuals like Cohler and previous pioneers have posted scripts and workarounds to provide a modicum of better editing utility.

If you look at the changelog for new Reaper versions (6.x), it will give you an idea of what their rate of user responsiveness typically is:

Version 5 gives you an even better overall picture, over recent years (updates rolled out typically 1-2x per month) :