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Old 11th February 2020
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An interesting exchange of messages has apparantly been moderated (?) - no clue to what happened.

To Cohler's defense, I am getting fed up by Pyramix, their lack of development and their forum, which has usually no answers.

I finally got me a Black Friday V12 native version. JBridge does not function anymore, even though it functions properly on V9 on Windows10. No support, as Merging officially does not support JBridge problems.

New bug: I did a mixdown to mp3, four times. Every time I end up with a file that is 50x too small, and sounds like it has a LPF at 800 Hz !
Broken functionality !

I did not get round to testing some old existing bugs (collapsed view, insert or cut silence, the bottom collapsed track tends to lose sync between the multitrack tracks, even when they are recorded in one interleaved pmf file !)
A bug that is still there: upon opening a project, the one track that is active (auto play/auto records etc enabled, no selection) remains active, EVEN when you click on another track. You can only disable the original track, by FIRST clicking on it and then clicking on another.

The list goes on, and nobody listens at Merging.

If I would have bought an expensive version, I would be all over their email & phone, giving them hell !

At the time, I also found their DDP solution ridiculously expensive. Now their standard native version has it for free, as well as (finally!) some timestretch and pitch shift ability ... A few years back, both options set you back 800 euro.

I refuse to give them serious money, until they sort out their buggy code.

If you want a stable recording platform, and decent editing, look at Pyramix Native essentials. Nothing more expensive.
If Reaper + the Cohler package is bug free, I would look into that first.

Problem is, most Pyramix users are shouting that they have no bugs, so how can we trust Reaper users ?