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I submit that there is nothing sensible about modern sensibilities. Come to think of it, nothing modern either. Political correctness is nothing more than revising history to suit the present sensitivity. It seems we want to embrace the newspeak of Orwell's 1984...
Damn straight - they own the words we must use as a way of controlling what we're allowed to actually say - for example "immigrant" has now become "migrant" because migration sounds non-threatening and natural - birds migrate. Illegal immigrants (criminals by definition) are now fluffy "undocumented persons".

*warning, rant mode* as this appears to be a kind of political thread!

As for song lyrics - don't get me started on that! - certain people are allowed to use certain words and others hanged and quartered if they dare use the exact same words - that's called discrimination folks - the new equality. But there are a lot of useful idiots in the music world which swallow all this culturally Marxist nonsense, WHICH IS DESIGNED TO DIVIDE US - when music should be about bringing people together. The left are obsessed with creating more and more ways of dividing us to fuel their grievance industry - now there are a billion genders - at the same time accusing conservatives of being prejudiced - it's not the centre right stoking up hatred over identity politics... Someone beam me up from this madness!