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Well, the dude has a great pony tail.

But if he’s either doubting the efficacy of gg, or claiming that the published lab test results are false, or refuting the accepted use of gg in critical systems across all building styles....then he’s an idiot

I have no idea who this guy is or what he’s selling, but he is WRONG in his assessment of gg. If he doesn’t know what structural flanking is, he’s not equipped to give acoustic advice.

I was working in one of the labs where gg was exhaustively rested. I saw repeated results that no other similar product could match. It works.

End of story

Pony tail dude’s breakdown is factually inaccurate.

Gg is not an adhesive. It remains permanently flexible as it never fully cures.

The cost per tube is roughly $10. You can use 1 tube per 4x8 sheet and get the same results as 2 .

So the cost per sq’ is about $3. Which is very slightly more than a sheet of Sheetrock. So his price breakdown is also inaccurate.

My thoughts are: great hair, purposeful or willfully ignorant misrepresentation of facts and axe to grind.