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thanks for the good advice,
I'm interested in a console that'll be used mainly for mixing, stereo not surround, I'm doing mainly alt. rock, pop and folk music around here,
so it has to be (not to be cliche) warm sounding, EQs are important cause
I don't wanna spend a lot more on outboards (I will buy a great dedicated
outboard EQ, but I rather buy 1 than 10).

The thing is I'm in Israel and the market is rather limited around here.
Its either wait 3-4 months for the Toft or buy this second hand D&R.
Shipping a console... buying from ebay... sounds kinda scary just now...

Anyway I really want opinons on the D&R... especially my specfic questions (above).

oh and btw, how would you go and check a console at a studio you don't know? Take some of your own tracks? What d'you suggest?