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Processing with outboard gear helps give ITB extra glue that even the best plugins can't provide IMO. Since you have to send D/A -- into the outboard piece -- A/D back into the box, it helps to have quality i/o conversion (Lavry, Apogee, Mytek, etc). Even just two channels is enough if you are just processing one or two tracks at a time. I personally mix on an analog console, so I'm actually going through three conversions, and I feel I'm getting great sounds. If I was all ITB I would just do 2-4 tracks at a time and reprint. Just my opinion too, a little gentle leveling/compression on the way in, especially for vocals and bass can be a good thing. Good luck, hope this helps.
Have you ever mixed ITB and just used your console almost as a summing device by just adding additional processing for the desired channels, but leaving the other channels at unity? Are there any potential drawbacks that I would face by doing it this way?