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Lives for gear
1. Wait. Keep your powder dry. Don't rush out, spending money right now!

2. Go round and look and listen to every room out there that is using a desk.

3. Look at the market, look at eBay and look at what the various brokers and used desk dealers have on offer. Watch what they are up to for some time.

4. If you want to mix out of the box, think out of the box. Don't limit your choices, look at EVERY marque. Trident, Amek, older and better Soundcrafts, Studer, ADT, there are literally hundreds of names and types of desk out there and one of them will be right for you.

5. After doing 1 - 4, write down what you want the desk to be capable of. (5.1? Perfect mic-pres? 24-way routing? Type of EQ? In-line? On-board dynamics? No. of aux-sends? Fader and input flips? Talk-back? Solo-afl-pfl? Automation? Inserts? Buss inserts? Recall? VU or peak-meters? Direct outs? Stereo channels? M-S decoding? and on and on and on . . .)