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Old 22nd August 2007
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Buying a mixing console, desperately need help!

Hey, this is my first post in here, I've been reading this site so far
but here I am in a "situation"...

I've been working 2 years now in digital, and I have a very nice setup:
API 3124+ pres, Great River MP2-NV, UA 610 (+1176), UA 4110, some spl,
joemeek and so on, all of them beautiful nice pre-amps.
all going through lynx aurora16 with great results.
I've been mxiing through a passive summing box some guy built for this
studio going through the Great River.

Anyway, I've had a Mackie 32/8 console lying around here for ages
and last week me and my partner, hooked it up just for the sake of it,
(i'm a total newbie with consoles...) to see how it feels mixing otb.
of course with only 16 outputs it ain't that functional but still

Just bringing up the faders and setting the pan pots, gave me an image
bigger, wider and more three-dimensional than I ever recall hearing in my
studio. Even Mackie's really, really low-end EQ sounded more "true" than
the most sophisticated digital (analog-modeled) plug-in. And I pretty much
have them all.

Anyway in 3 hours work time I realized there's no turning back,
I'm going otb.

Now my two options are:
1. Toft ATB32
2. D&R OrionX.
(I don't think I would be using any of their pre-amps, so thats not the issue)

I've read some threads about D&R consoles around here, all of them
stating over and over again how transparent they are.
My question, even if it sounds weird (or a bit stupid) is, will the D&R
be better than the mackie in terms of color? I really have no point
of comparison, How are the EQs? everyone 'round here says they aren't
warm enough, how are they comparing to plug-ins? how is the summing
bus? should I go with the Toft? should I stick with the Mackie for
what it worth?

The real big question here is will I lose the "oh so analog" color by going with D&R? Does it really sound so sterile? And will it be worth the bucks?

What d'you say? I really need help on that one.