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Jim Williams' advice might be the best. This is a 1980s-era synth, generating its tones at 8 bits (or less). There will be noise, particularly compared with modern gear. And probably nothing you can do inside the synth will help.

A dBx decoder-only will hide the noise in realtime. It's a broadband solution, so you might be aware of HF noises on bass sounds.
If the noise is -only- HF, a Dolby B or C might be more transparent.

If you want an even better realtime solution, look for an Orban 290. I kept one in my rack until about six years ago... it could clean up phone interviews, old slow-speed tapes, virtually anything with electronic noise, using both expansion and sliding filters. And it included the harmonic restoration that an Aphex would provide.

Another excellent possibility is a Burwen DNF. These were sliding-filters only, unbalanced and intended for the hifi market, but so useful that I put one into every pro studio I built in the 1980s.

If you don't need realtime, there are plenty of multiband expander noise reducer (the kind that take a noise-only sample to setup) plugins.