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Here for the gear

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We have a handful of these in our studios - the 179-170 is just a 19"2u stereolinked dual version of the 179-160 "danner"cassette. No real recapping needed so far, these are built like tanks for real pro stuff. I think I replaced an output opamp in one, that is pretty much it.

If playing with these, make sure to read the manual. There is a lot more to them than meets the eye.

/Jakob E.
i have one coming in of these. I read only good things sofar, im curious to get it in my hands.

Another rare one is the DNA Dymand, do you have any experience with this?

I also bought a DBX 160SL, which works but last time it had an intermittend channel, where the compression did not worked on one channel. After a few minutes it kicked in, im not sure if this could be a VCA Problem or if it need calibration. Do you have experience with these?

I checked the Service Manual but the calibration procedure is about 40 pages long. Can you recommend someone for this kind of work?

I asked DBX but they are not longer supporting these? Kind of strange for such an pro level compressor.