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IMO, the guitar pedal this is from sounds amazing - I’ve been a fan of it for years. I haven’t tried the plugin yet, so I don’t know how it compares for sure.

But for those of you not familiar with it, it is not supposed to sound like a natural space. I always think of it as an otherworldly reverb on a pedalboard.

Has anyone here actually tried it with guitar? I would imagine that’s where it would most immediately excel...
Good points here. It's a very lush, swirly kind of reverb that's used and loved by many famous guitar players and it's easy to use. If you notice it has (3) LFO's to modulate the verb so you can get some serious wobble if you want. The Width control is very helpful as well to open it up or focus (pan) the verb behind a sound in the stereo space.

Not sure it's the thing for real rooms but for washes, ethereal sounds it's pretty great. Not sure why Brian did not include the other room types in the pedal as at $100 that would make it more valuable for the $. His plate is really good as are the other room types.

At $49 its a good buy IMO if you need/want that kind of sound. My 2 cents