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I think that the biggest thing that the ART has going for it is that it doesn’t suck as much as it should for its price point. Their two channel tube mic pre is similar... full volt tube stages... I have both, loaded up with NOS JJ and RCA tubes... A few pals of mine who work in big rooms in LA raves about them and their word and the raving here on GS and tapeop pushed me into slut purchase mode... I haven’t used either for years lol

Here’s what I would tell you:

Use plugins and save the money to buy better gear later down the line.

Or, pick it up!
I had one of their MPAII pres years ago. “Doesn’t suck as much as it should for its price point” is a very apt description in my experience there. While I did like it for blanket distortion rhythm guitars, I never did love it, and eventually sold it. I guess that’s what I’m afraid of with the VLAII... wasting my time.