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Mojavi 301

Considering that my drum recordings are always in the same location, I find that in my drum room (which is treated) my go to mics are usually Mojavi 301's. Believe it or not I prefer them over two U81's. That could also be that my 2 U81's are not stereo matched and actually about 8 years apart in manufacturing but still the Mojavi’s are great mics for overheads and are used 75% of the time.

Sometimes if the drummer’s cymbals might seem a little darker than I wanted especially the ride, I'll try a couple of SDC's like Oktava 012's that were modded by Michael Joly or a matched pair of Neumann KM 184’s. Last but not least, honorable mention, I have made plenty of successful drum recordings using an old pair of Shure SM81's from the 90’s.